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The most effective Lake Como Boat Tour

Design your personal private Lake Como cruise
Lake Como Boat Tour to admire all the most beautiful villas and villages which have made Lake Como so famous in the world.

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Duration to customize: from 2 to 7 hours cruising and availability to prevent for sightseeing

The simplest way to really see Lake Como is from the lake: aboard a private craft on the water
When  traveling round the lake by automobile, one misses the most effective  views of the private lakeside villas and gardens. Instead, by boat on  our panoramic cruises, the grand homes, magnificent gardens, and  gorgeous backdrop are typical visible from the shining blue of the  water. Take pleasure in the scenic view of the alp peaks and of small  villages nestled between blue water and green forests.

With this  specific Lake Como highlights cruise you may have the possibility to  admire all the most beautiful villas and villages which have made Lake  Como so famous on the planet: Villa Erba/Luchino Visconti, Villa d'Este,  Villa Fontanelle/ Versace, Villa Oleandra/Clooney, Villa Pliniana,  Villa Cassinella/Branson, Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta, in  addition to the villages of Nesso using its “Orrido” and the enchanting  Bellagio, know because the “Pearl of the Lake&rdquo ;.

How exactly to customize your excursion on the lake:
A  panoramic Lake Como Boat Tour needs almost 2 hours cruising and may be  lengthened as much as 7 hours for a full day experience. The shorter  tour may have no stops on the way and all sightseeing will undoubtedly  be done from the boat. An extended excursion will include a number of  stops for a stop by at a magnificent Villa or to enjoy a meal or dinner  in a normal and romantic restaurant by lake side.
Enquire us for more information about duration of the tour and feasible stops.

Sightseeing on Lake Como:
Stretch  your legs getting off the boat. Stroll round the picturesque villages  that face the lake or look at the famous villas. Following the most  effective locations we suggest for the cruise stop:

Bellagio,  know because the “Pearl of the Lake&rdquo ;.In the old village, over  the characteristic stairs, you will see many elegant shops and artisans  ateliers.
Varenna is a wonderful village with picturesque lanes and old fishermen's houses.
Villa  Balabianello. The stop by at Balbianello terraced gardens it is a  “must” while in Lake Como; as a result of its strategic position at the  end of a promontory, the view on an enormous the main lake is  unparalleled and breathtaking.

Villa Carlotta, fabled for its sumptuous botanical park.

Enquire us for more information about mix of cruising and sightseeing.

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