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Main 5 Services By using WordPress For a Website

When you yourself have never built a website before, one of many quickest and easiest ways to really get your first domain live and operational in only minutes is to set up WordPress on your own website. WordPress is really a blogging platform that enables you to truly have a pre-built website free of charge that will permit you to focus on the more important things like content, and if you would like it, sales and profits.

WordPress Benefits

In more than a decade online, I have literally built lots of websites, many from the ground up... But since I ran across the simplicity of use and powerful flexibility of the WordPress platform, I am building most of my newest websites under this Content Management System (CMS).

The reasons I prefer the WordPress blogging platform are many, but I will sum it up with these five key benefits:

1. Quick and Easy Installation - When you yourself have a web hosting company that runs cPanelX as your webmasters' control panel (many of the popular web hosting companies do), you then will find an option in your control panel called, "Fantastico De Luxe" ;.When you go through the Fantastico icon, you will be used to a full page where you can add a multitude of free applications to your website, by following some simple instructions. Just go through the WordPress link to set up WordPress on your own website. The software will ask you some basic general information, then do the total install of certainly one of the most recent WordPress builds into your website.

2. Website Themes - Few webmasters wish to utilize the generic WordPress Theme that ships with WordPress. The default WP Theme is plain Jane, and to my taste, perfectly drab. There are many people who design custom WordPress Themes that it is simple to upload to your domain best GPL sites, to improve the looks and feel of your WordPress website. A number of the WP Themes are paid versions, but many of them are free. There are several thousand themes loaded straight into the WordPress website ( ), from which you may choose, although you are not restricted to just the themes loaded to the WordPress website.

3. Website Functionality - Just like with the WordPress Themes, when there is a specific functionality you would like your blog to do, you can find programmers available who've made WordPress Plugins that will do for you personally those ideas you would like to do. There are nearly 8,000 WordPress Plugins on the website ( ), and thousands more that are not in the WordPress database. If you discover a Plugin you would like, just download, unzip, and upload it to the correct Plugin directory on your own blog. When you have uploaded the Plugin, simply go to the Admin area of your Blog to activate the software.

4. Open Source - WordPress has been built in PHP, and its source code is visible to everyone who would like to look at it. Along with that, WordPress has included comprehensive documentation and a variety of functions to greatly help programmers work within the WordPress Codex. A person with a minimal understanding of PHP can program WordPress Themes and Plugins, without too much effort.

5. Self-Updating - In recent versions, WordPress has included an element that will notify you if upgrades can be found for the essential WordPress os or your chosen WP Plugins. When upgrades become available, you will undoubtedly be notified, and often you only have to click a connect to automatically install the upgrades and updates. I have a buddy who's a PHP coder by trade. I try not to mention WordPress in his presence, because everytime I do this, I get an ear-full of "WordPress Sucks..."

In all honesty with you, I still like WordPress... I like it, because it is simple to set up and maintain, and I can improve it easily by using templates and plugins. I am a coder, but life is too short to pay most of my time coding new websites... I am happy to pay my time creating content that will result in sales... So for me personally, WordPress is good, and I am very happy to use it as many websites as I have to do... If you are new to the Internet, you then might agree totally that WordPress is an advantage to those of us, who've more important things to accomplish than to recreate the wheel...


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