Ali Hamza

Holding An individual Consideration Well before Phony Electronic Components

Keeping one step in front of Counterfeit Electronic Components is now more important and more difficult as the counterfeiters boost their processes and ways of hiding the true identity of the flawed products they produce and how they have them into the global electronic component supply chain. These companies and individuals across the world involved with producing counterfeit electronic components are producing components which can be getting more difficult to detect, and as the production of counterfeit components gets more complicated so must the processes put in spot to detect them.

Most of us know the debilitating affect sub standard counterfeit components can have on electronic equipment which is often life threatening in certain circumstances. Detecting counterfeit components becomes more difficult once they're actually installed in the device and when the device fails it's difficult to detect that the failure was brought on by counterfeit components unless which was specifically been looked for during an inspection or repairing process therefore the detection process is better done at the supply stage.

There are several ways where counterfeit components are produced; one of the very common ways is by harvesting components from scrapped circuit boards. Western countries are getting big on recycling everything possible in the mode to be green recycling electronics is now very popular, lots of this recycled material ultimately ends up in developing countries where in fact the component harvesting is done. The processes involved with how a components are taken from their original and usually non functioning circuit boards is generally crude and much more damaging to the components buy Ic, many already by the end of these useable life. The components are piled into like piles and go via a washing process and a sanding process to eliminate the initial component markings. Having components piled together based how they look has a unique problems as components which can be not the same wind up together, different revisions, different uses and even not the same component all wind up together to be sold together type. The components finally go via a marking process to mark them the same. A lot of trouble is visited producing perfect looking component reels that match the actual manufacturer's products; it's also very common for the counterfeiter to buy real components to put at various places on the reel to help fool any visual inspection.

Another way of producing counterfeited electronic components involves the obtaining of discarded components that for just one reason or another failed quality tests during the manufacturing process or had production issues and were discarded. These components are sourced directly from producer either through illegal means or scavenging the merchandise then continuing the branding process and selling them as functioning components, which may have original branding.

This really is only two types of how counterfeit electronic components are increasingly being manufactured in large quantities and pushed into the global supply chain. Most independent electronic component sources are staying ahead in the fight against allowing these products to achieve entry into the supply chain and eventually into devices that we count on, they're using state of the art detection processes and secure sourcing methods while working alongside different organizations such as ERAI which really is a privately held global information services organization that monitors, investigates and reports conditions that are affecting the global supply chain of electronics. Also independent component distributors could be members of organizations that collect relevant quality information and take part in advancing industry ethics, ensuring customer care, establishing standards, and promoting education such as The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) which really is a non-profit trade association representing quality and ethically oriented independent distributors of electronic components.


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