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Magic Of Love : A strong Release

There's much more to the magic of love than we could ever cover in one short article, but here's an excellent destination for a start. See, we're very much accustomed to hoarding our love - locking it up; hiding it; keeping it safe - that people often end up hiding it even from ourselves. Frequently, we don't allow ourselves to even FEEL our own love. And of course the love that originates from outside sources. Love is simply too valuable to lose. It's the motivation and the reason for living, whenever you get down to it. The first thing to think about: an unlimited way to obtain love exists and is definitely open to us. It's easy to state those words. It's easy to learn them, too, and nod your face in agreement.

"Makes sense."

But it's much harder to allow it in... to embrace it as really being true. Because whenever you REALLY allow it - YOU have an unlimited way to obtain love open to YOU - it changes everything about you شيخ روحاني الدفع كامل بعد النتيجة. Your motivation changes. Your mindset changes. Your priorities shift. Just to call several things... I'd like to exhibit you tips on how to PROVE to yourself you have an unlimited way to obtain love. That's always available. Simultaneously, you'll also be finding a little taste of the magic of love. Here's how:

Give your love away freely.

That's it. An easy statement that hides worlds of intricate meanings and applications and treasures and rewards and possibilities. Certainly it needs some explaining... Because lets face it. You'd have to be CRAZY to provide your love away freely! People will walk all over you. You'll be crushed - chewed up and spit out - by an uncaring world.

Because, um, nobody's as loving as you, right?

Even when the implied argument holds true: you'll be employed by others if you adore freely - here's a method to side step the issue. Start with freely loving yourself. And don't tell anybody! What does it mean to 'freely love' anyway? It methods to love lacking any agenda of any kind. Loving without manipulation. Without hidden motivation. Without expectation of reciprocity. Quite simply, minus the taint.

Without the *intention* of getting anything in return. WITH the intention of giving love - pure and simple. "I'm going to produce an alliance with love; so I may become more. So love may become more." If you begin by loving yourself - with the purest, cleanest, clearest intention you are able to muster, something interesting happens. You are feeling a little more love. More love ALWAYS comes in. You quickly come against any resistance you have to love. Your blockages to feeling more love quickly arrive at the top: "I can't be loved. This won't work. Blah, blah, blah..."

You can begin to experience the magic of love in two ways: First, you experience for yourself that the more love you freely give - even though it's to yourself - the more love that will come in to take it's place. Second, you get in touch with the blockages to feeling love. Blockages to love are basically lies you've told yourself with enough repetition and enough emotional energy that they've become hard as stone. Or iron. Roughly they seem.

When a blockage pops up - you can visualize it - objectify it - as a rock wall, or a piece of iron, or whatever makes sense for you. Then, simply start loving that object unconditionally. By loving it you are able to begin to erode it. By loving it with clear intention, you will dsicover IT more clearly. By loving it with pure intention, you view it more purely. So it becomes more straightforward to allow it go. It requires practice to provide love freely. Whether it's to yourself or another. Not because love is difficult, but because we've been so strongly programmed to NOT give love freely.


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